Certified Organisations, Training Academies, Schools and Professionals



Section EU Experts Academies   
GBS Gendai Budo Sport & Security Academy  www.publicationspromotion.it/
FIK Federazione Italiana Karate Academy – www.federkarate.it

Section European Academies

European Commission Karate Club    www.karate-ce.be

EUKF Referee Commissionwww.wukf-karate.org

Phuong Long Cultural Association – Qwan Ki Do  www.qwankido.org

FISAM Europe www.federazioneisam.it

Ippic Europe Training Academy www.ippic.eu

International Wadokai Academy – http://www.iwakarate.com


Section Pioneer Preparatory Academies  

ANIKA Accademia Nazionale Italiana Karate Ac. Prof. Ilio SEMINO

Gunther Blancke Martial Arts www.blancke-karate.be

International Survival Federation www.fisss.it

Oxigym Fitness Martial Arts   www.palestraoxigym.it

SGT Fitness Performance Academy www.stefano-grazzini-trainer.webnode.it

Time Out Karate Centre  Head Master Roberto PALLOTTA

Section National Academies

AMI Accademia Massaggiatori Italiani Wellness Massage www.amiaccademia.it

Albanian Ski Instructors Association – www.albaniaskifederation.com

England Shotokan Karate- Do Federation WUKF    www.eskfkarate.co.uk

Federazione Italiana Karate e Discipline Affini FEDIKAwww.fedika.it

Federazione Educativa Sportiva Italiana Karate FESIK – ANIKAwww.fesik.org

IFKA Italian Fudokan Karate Academy  https://ifka.beepworld.it/index.htm

Ippic Training Centre   www.ippic.it

Kanzen Karate Scotland  WUKF https://kanzenkarate.net

Ken Shin Do Academy     www.kenshindo.it

Ligue Francophone de Karaté de Belgique – WUKF  www.lfkb.org

OIKKHO ORGANIZZAZIONE ITALIANA KARATE-DO Higa-Te di Okinawa – Ac. Dean Prof. Oscar Masato HIGA  www.oikkho.it

Romanian Federation Karate WUKF . www.wukf.ro

Slovak Federation WUKF – Academy www.karate-slovakia.sk/  

Ukraine AUUSKBO Martial Arts    www.ika-gosoku.com.ua/academy

Unione Karate Sportivo UKS      www.federazionekaratesportivo.it/

United Karate of Denmark     www.united-karate.dk


Section Preparatory Academies

Centar Za Sportski Karate  www.federazionekaratesportivo.it

Dojo Kun www.karatecalenzano.it 

Krav Maga Self Defence Academy  accademiakravmagaksda.it

NonSoloFitness Academy   www.nonsolofitness.it/

PIA Progetto Immagine Academy  https://www.progettoimmagine-academy.com/

Polisportiva NIR Karate School  www.polisportivanir.it

Renbukan Academy Martial Arts    www.renbukan-dojo.it

Satori Kai Academy    www.satorikai.com

Security Force Academy    www.securityforceacademy.it

Stefano FRANCIA Dance Academy    www.stefanofrancia.com

Ten No Karate Do Okugi    www.ten-nokaratedo.it

Time Out Indoor Outdoor Sport Academy    www.timeoutprato.it

Section High Education Training Centres and Schools
Agency 7 Lame Security –  FEDIKA – EU Expert Elite Coach Luca TREMONTE 

Gym Center Karate Do FESIK – Elite Coach Lido LOMBARDI  

Karate Do Brescia – FESIK – Elite Coach Pietro DALL’OLMO

Mountain Global Contact Ski and Outdoor – Team Leader  Mauro OLIVIERI

Seiken Defence – Senior Coach Martial Arts Marco GIORDANO

International Sport Academy Professors, Master and Coaches
Section Outdoor Nature Mountain, Ski and Snow Sports  
EU Expert Mountain Outdoor Hon. Head Master Coach Sergio CECCARELLI (Outdoor Coaching, Teaching)  
EU Expert Alpine Ski Master Coach Marco CECCARELLI (Ski Coaching, Teaching and related Educational Programmes)
EU Expert Alpine Ski Master Coach Ronny CECCARELLI (Ski Coaching, Teaching and related Educational Programmes)
EU Expert Alpine Ski Teacher Alessandro BECOCCI (Ski Teaching and related Educational Programmes)
EU Expert Alpine Ski Teacher Marco SPADA (Ski Teaching and related Educational Programmes)
EU Expert Alpine Ski Teacher Paolo MAGNI (Ski Teaching and related Educational Programmes)
ETSIA Mountain Outdoor Team Leader Sandro BUGELLI (Four Seasons Nordic Walking and Nature Sport Activities)   
ETSIA Alpine Ski Instructor Leonardo CORSINI (Ski Teaching and related Educational Programmes)  
ETSIA Alpine Ski Instructor Roberto GAMBELLI (Ski Teaching and related Educational Programmes) 
ETSIA EU Expert Elite Coach Silvano MORONI (HEPA Outdoor: Nordic Walking and Nature Sport Activities) 
Section Karate
Karate WUKF
International Master Teacher Prof. Jean Pierre FISCHER (karate traditional and general)
International Referee Dario BAGATELLA (karate general)
International Sport Manager Marcel BELDEAN (karate general)
International Sport Manager Prof. Evro MARGHERITA (karate general and traditional)  
International Sport Manager Head Master Rajat CHAKRABORTY (karate general)
International Referee Sever CUCU (karate general)
International Coach Pietro DALL’OLMO (karate general)
International Sport Manager Osvaldo MESSIAS DE OLIVEIRA   (karate general)
International Master Joe MIRZA (karate traditional and general) 
International Coach Prof. Roy O’KANE (karate general)
International Prof. Roberto PERRI (karate general)
International Prof. Alessandro TROLESE (sport manager)  
International Elite Referee Prof. Essam SHREIF (karate general)  
Elite Master Giampaolo DEL NERO (karate wado ryu)    
Elite Sport Manager and Coach Jacques DEBATTY (karate general)
Master Teacher Massimo BRAGLIA (karate traditional)
Senior Coach Florin Daniel Ionut BOTA (karate general)    
Senior Coach Luigi CALABRO’ (karate general)
Elite Coach Martino FOGLIETTI (karate wado ryu)  
Master Coach Nicola GIUSTI (karate general)  
Master Coach Marco MACELLONI (karate general)  
Senior Coach Matteo BIGINI (karate general) 
Senior Coach and Referee Claudio MARTORANA (health and karate general)
Senior Coach and Manager Marco MICUCCI (karate general)
Senior Coach and Referee Vincenzino MINOTTI (karate general)
Karate – Individual Members
International Master Mihai APAN (karate fudokan) 
International Master Richard JORGENSEN (karate traditional)
Master Teacher Rolando KRAEHER (Ahnan Tomari-te)
International Master Savvas MASTRAPPAS (karate fudokan) 
Master Manager Radovan BOGOJEVIC (karate fudokan)  
Instructor EQF level 4 Todd SANKOVICH (American Kempo Karate)
International Coach Nikola ZIVKOVIC (karate general)
Section Martial Arts – Self Defence
Senior Coach Mattia BULDO (General Martial Arts)
Senior Coach Ciro LENTI (Krav Maga)  
Master Coach Sandro FARATI (General Martial Arts)
Master Coach Federico FRASSINETI (Krav Maga)
Coach EQF Level 5 Giovanni GAROTTI (General Martial Arts)
Senior Coach Ciro LENTI (Krav Maga)
Instructor EQF level 4 Francesco MASTRONO (Krav Maga)
Instructor EQF level 4 Alfredo MONTAGNESE (Krav Maga)
Senior Coach Giuseppe MONTALBANO (General Martial Arts)
International Prof. Gianluca OSSIGENO (Krav Maga)
Master Teacher Antonios PANTELIAS (General Martial Arts)
Coach Salvatore PICOZZI (Krav Maga)
Instructor EQF level 4 Davide PLESCIA (Krav Maga)
International Prof. Biagio RIDOLFO (General Martial Arts)
International Prof. Jefferson SANTOS SOUZA DE JESUS (Capoeira)
Master Coach Carlo SCARINGELLA (Krav Maga)
Senior Coach Andrea SCIALABBA  (Krav Maga)
Senior Coach Mirko VANNI (Yoga, Health Enhancing Physical Activities)
Section Fitness and Wellness
EU Expert Elite Sport Manager Davide CHIUCHIARELLI (Personal and Athletic Trainer)
ETSIA Coach Rocco NAHRSTROM (Personal and Athletic Trainer)
ETSIA Coach Tancredi SFORZI  (Personal and Athletic Trainer)
Section Football
EU Expert Coach Riccardo Giuseppe GALLO (football education)
International Prof. Roberto BASSI (grassroots football)
Section Dance
International Prof. Fabrizio SILVESTRI (dance)
Database of Partners Organisation
Accademia Massaggiatori Italiani…………………………….www.amiaccademia.it/albo-massaggiatori-italiani/
FISAM Europe……………………………………………….www.federazioneisam.it/la-federazione/albo-istruttori.html
SGT Training Academy……………………………………………..www.stefano-grazzini-trainer.webnode.it/albo/

Training Centres and Schools (ETSIA general recognition)
AIKAF Fudokan – (Italy) Senior Master Monia ATTI