Associations and Professionals


Education Through Sport Instructors Association

ETSIA  is the first certified association and official register of European professionals, specialised in training based on Eurethics education through sport principles and regulatory framework. ETSIA’s members are committed to the high quality standards of teaching and preparation to the level assessments and examinations according to the European Qualifications Framework and ISO 17024:2012. ETSIA Sport Sections includes official registers of highly qualified academic professors, teachers, trainers,instructors and masters with extensive and demonstrated academic, professional learning outcomes validated in compliance with the European Qualification Framework.



Members of ETSIA Administrative Board certified by EurEThICS Training Academy
President – Prof. Giovanni Gordiani
Honorary President – Master Luciano Paladini
Founder Secretary General  -Master Stefano Acconci – EQF Training Expert
Founder Treasurer – Dr. Master Laura Bicchierai – EQF Training Expert
Founder Francesco Marini Sport Manager – Training provider
Founder Marco Gaggio Sport Manager – Training provider
Founder Massimo Gori Sport Manager – Training provider
Founder Massimo Petrocchi – Quality Manager Responsible for compliance ISO 17024:2012
Founder Tiziano Petrucciani – Academic Senator – EQF Training Expert
Founder Susanna Pisoni –  – Training provider
1st ETSIA certified EurEThICS Ambassador Dr. Michele Fratini
1st ETSIA certified EurEThICS – EU Programme Advisor Dr. Marco Celi
1st ETSIA certified EurEThICS Public Relations Advisor Prof. Lars Lutzhoft
2nd ETSIA certified EurEThICS Public Relations Advisor Stefano Ranieri
Chair EQF, educational quality management – Univ. Prof. Dr. Alina Crisan
Advisor for regulatory framework compliance – Master Roberto Failli
ETSIA proposed Academy Senate 2017/2018 certified EurEThICS
Univ. Prof. Dr, Ilija Jorga  (health, fudokan and karate traditional shotokan)
Univ. Prof. Dr, Vladimir Jorga  (health,fudokan and karate traditional shotokan)
Univ. Prof. Dr, Liviu Crisan  (karate general all styles)
Prof. Dr  Roberto Fiusti (health HEPA guidelines)
International Prof. Adriano Busà (ju jitsu)
International Prof. Nadia Ferluga (karate shotokan traditional)
International Prof. Maurizio Maltese (south east Asia martial arts)
International Prof. Robi Morreale (karate general)
International Prof. Ilio Semino (karate shotokan traditional )
International Prof. Roberto Siba Bassi (grassroots football)
International Prof. Sauro Somigli (general martial arts)
International Prof. Mario Vella (EMS fitness)
Eurethics ETSIA ongoing agreements: International
 European and World Fudokan Federation                  
Federazione Italiana Survival Sportivo Sperimentale
World Union of Karate Federations                                
World Ju Jitsu Corporation                                              
Albanian Ski Instructors Association


European Sport Education Organization

ESEO is a Training Academy fully complying with Eurethics and ETSIA objectives, principles and academic criteria designing training of teachers and students including their certification delegated by Eurethics.

ESEO  manages, organises and implement  an European academic qualifications framework, delivering certificates in compliance with the European Qualification Framework in order to ensure the conduct of activities and practice of sport in an environmental and cultural training dimension for students, trainers, teachers and academic officials.