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Educational Areas

EurEthICS is an Academy specialized in Training Needs Assessment (TNA), assessment of and focus on the validation of informal and non-formal learning processes (VAdA, VAdE) and competences certifications. EurEthICS defines and validates training courses and standards developed by internal and external academies and schools on an equal basis for students, amateurs and professionals in the fields of education through sport, health, culture and environment. EurETHICS certification methodology is in compliance with the European Qualification Framework (EQF) and with the standard n° ISO/IEC 17024:2012 on “Evaluation of Conformity – Requirements for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection”. EurEthICS Training Academy-Giovanni GORDIANI is individual partner of the European Organisation for Quality.

EurEthICS’s mission consists in setting high quality training standards, by estimating training needs (TNA). The analysis is based on the learning outcomes (complying with EQF level descriptors) and schemes of verifications built on impartial criteria of knowledge, skills and competence evaluation. The verification and validation is made in compliance with 2012 EQF EU Council recommendations, updated with the 2017 EQF Recommendations on the acknowledgement of formal, non-formal and informal learning process, with the aim to grant objectiveness and lower the risk of conflicts of interest. The ranking and level’s awarding is based on Curriculum Vitae via peer review and, when needed, through verification of learning outcomes.  EurEthICS acknowledges competences by granting an international qualification in conformity to the definition present inside the 2017 European Recommendations’ Annexes related European Qualification Framework (EQF), with the aim to identify the proper level of National Qualification System (NQF), which will provide the license to teach and/or to act as a professional advisor or coach.

Educational Areas

Academy Senate 2020/2021 certified EurEthICS ETSIA ® registered

Ac. Prof. Giacomo Spartaco BERTOLETTI EurEthICS Academy Chairman
Ac. Prof. Tiziano PETRUCCIANI EurEthICS 1st Academy Senator


A) Education, social, culture, environment, nature:studies and applied practices, e,g, education through sport, amateur grassroots sport, sustainable tourism
B) Health and skills development e.g.Wellness, Fitness, Performance related activities (competitive sport), Health enhancing physical activities (HEPA)
C) Governance, policy, legislation, regulatory framework
D) Management and administration area