“EurEthICS ETSIA …high level certification standards in various fields – sports obviously, but not only – including the application of the European Qualification Framework in order to see these standards recognised throughout the EU”

Cit. European Parliament News Edition 547  4 October 2017


EurEthICS ETSIA ® is an institute based in Brussels – Belgium and registered at the European Union Office for Intellectual Property (Certificate of Registration n° 016602526), which provides certifications for educational services. The Quality Control is based on the synergic work of the two institute’s directorates: EurEthICS Training Needs Assessment and Standards Validation Academy and ETSIA Department for schools and teachers’ verification and registration.

EurEthICS ETSIA is Official partner of the European Week Sport  #BEACTIVE an initiative of the European Commission as well as of the European Platform for Sport Innovation, House of Sport, participating in the European Sport Forum.

EurEthICS ETSIA regulations and principles are based on art. 165 TFUE and on European Union’s acquis (general legislation and recommendations combined with best practices developed inside the framework of European Programmes such as Erasmus Plus and LIFE), but also on the European Qualifications Framework EQF, ECVET, ESCO tools, Europass etc.

EurEthICS ETSIA certification methods comply with the level descriptors of the European Qualification Framework as well as with the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons (ISO 17024 Licensed to Eurethics Training Academy Number: OP-22926 of the 19/08/2014).

EurEthICS ETSIA ® certification methods were created within the Education through Sport sector as pilot project and test-bed to serve all educational, cultural, wellness, health, legal, management and communication studies. The quality general reference, certified by EurEthICS ETSIA is designed to facilitate and enhance the cooperation activities in the context of European policies and financing programmes (e.g. Erasmus Plus, LIFE and others).


EUIPO Certificate of Registration EurEthICS ETSIA

EurEthICSport for All EQF First Event at European Week of Sport 2015

Article European Parliament Eurethics EWoS 2017







President Prof. Giovanni GORDIANI


Official Partner European Commission- European Week of Sport

Partner of EPSI-House of Sport

Rue Joseph II, 40

B-1000 Brussels, Belgium


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