EurEthICS Training Academy mission is to establish and disseminate high quality training standards through needs assessments, validation methods and examination schemes, using objective criteria to measure skills, knowledge, competence and scoring, ensuring impartiality of operations and reducing the risk of conflicts of interest.

Educational Areas – a) Educational, social, cultural area b) Health, performance and skills development c) Governance, policy, legislation, regulatory framework d) Management and financial instruments

In the accomplishment of its mission, EurEthICS builds on ‘a.o.’  the experience gained during more than 25 years with the partner EU Experts, which is an official network and register of professional in all fields of European Studies: professionals who have gained direct or indirect working and academic experience within the European Institutions.


General objective of EurEthICS Training Academy:

To ensure the implementation of the principles of free movement of the operators, trainers and sport teachers within the European Union and Candidate Countries, guaranteeing the high quality of the teaching/training/learning process according to the EU policy, provisions and legislation as well as the European Qualifications Framework.

To support the establishment of a qualitative general environmental, ethical and cultural framework in accordance with EU law of Reference for European sports federations and associations.


Specific objectives:


  1. High quality education, training and qualifications methods in sport and studies
  2. Harmony between education/training and professional / sports training (“Dual career”)
  3. Improvement of health through sport
  4. Fight against doping
  5. Role of sport in society
  6. Prevention of and fight against violence and intolerance in sport
  7. Social inclusion in (and through) the sport
  8. Cultural and Environmental dimension of sport
  9. Participatory governance in sport
  10. Development of the European dimension in sport, through programme participation


The high level of professionalism and diversity of professions in sport, combined with the increased mobility within the EU, underlines the desirability of including sport-related qualifications in the Europeans and National qualification systems, so that they can avail of the reference to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Eurethics complies with the European Commission principles underlining the importance of the “quality of physical education programmes and the qualifications of the teachers and trainers involved” according to the EQF. The training centres staff should be sufficiently high level qualified in order to safeguard the development of athletes and combining both moral and educational interests of those with professional sports career or study. Eurethics ensures transparency with respect to the validation and recognition of qualifications gained by volunteers, as well as with regard to the qualifications required for professions related to the education through sport.

The uniformity of qualifications at European level facilitates the exchange and interaction between sports federations and associations in organizing common training activities (international internships) as well as competitive sports and not (e.g. competitions ” fair play “, competitions for all without discrimination) thus facilitating the access to the European Programmes and funds. EurEthICS Training Academy is structured and works through the definition of European training standards for qualifications necessary for the participation in the programmes (including funding) and the implementation and development of European policies and legislation. The quality general reference, certified by EurEthICS is designed to facilitate and enhance the cooperation activities in the context of European policies and programmes (e.g. Erasmus Plus and others).